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Agora Hospitalities CEO Kwok Gary Yan Kuen 昨年、アゴーラ・ホスピタリティーズは10周年という節目の年を迎え、本年は次の10年に向けての新しい幕開けとなります。これまでにご来館いただきました多くのお客様と、ご支援いただきました取引企業様、自治体の皆様には感謝申し上げます。






[Strength via a Concept Driven mission]

The last year was the tenth anniversary for Agora Hospitalities and a significant milestone for all of us. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the many guests who have stayed with us, and to our business partners and localities that have worked cooperatively with us.

I am honored to be succeeding as the new President and CEO this April and simultaneously feel great responsibility in further building upon the accomplishments attained by Agora thus far as we continue working toward the vision of providing a collection of beautiful Japan to guests and strive to always exceed expectations.

While domestic traveling patrons have always been the backbone of the local tourism and hospitality industry, over the past few years as driven by favourable policies, Japan has experienced a significant increase in inbound visitors and this trend shall continue. This has certainly created a great opportunity for all of our fellow friends in the hospitality industry. We, here at Agora, are certainly determined to leverage this opportunity to showcase the “beautiful Japan” tourism experience to the rest of the world. We will continue to strive to provide an experience that surpasses the expectation of our guests.

Agora has applied its Concept Driven approach to all alliance properties and in so doing endeavoured to use high levels of design that fuse with the culture and atmosphere of the locality. Entering a global hospitality market of over 40 million visitors, our Personalization theme has focused on extra-special service and the continual cultivation of an ultra-service conscious staff.

The future of Agora is bright. In order to accelerate upon the progress gained thus far and receive even higher levels of evaluation from guests whose expectations have been exceeded, we have not slowed down our pace in bringing new experiences to our loyal guests. We will continue to strengthen our team, to improve upon branding strategies, to maximize marketing and management planning efforts, to further establish personnel acquisition and training techniques, and thus to express ourselves through the concept of “a collection of beautiful Japan”. By strengthening of our foundation through these activities, we will further our ability to exceed expectations.

We will continue to build upon our vision to be a hotel alliance that strives to provide an universally recognized exceptional experience to all of our guests in the midst of changes in this competitive industry, and to contribute to the communities and localities in which we participate.

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